Great Dog Days

A Professional Pet Services Company that is fully licensed and Insured. You will have the GREATEST experience with us!

We Provide:

-Training ( Package descriptions are in details section below)

-Pet Sitting


-Day Care


-Walks/Drop in’s

-Grooming (Wash, Brush, and Dry)


-Prep and Education classes


Please see privacy notice below:

Privacy notice

Pricing may vary depending on program and needs of training program. Pricing listed is each programs starting price point. You will be provided a quote ahead of start date/actual training.


(Per Pet)

Prep and Educational Class

Courses: Intro to pet life, Making the transition comfortable and ideal, How to choose a good fit for your lifestyle, How to find a good Breeder or Rescue facility, Bringing in few members to the family, Etc. (1 hr, $105)


Know what it takes to be the best pet parent, training you before you have to train your pet, questionnaire/evaluation, know if your pet and you are going to be good match, pet insurance help, help finding a good standing and reputable place to acquire your pet from. (1hr, $105)

Full Training Overnight sessions- 2 week program

Full training (includes beginner and advanced training package points)that is held Overnight for 10 days. The pet parent will participate during 2-1 hour sessions in the first 10 days. The next week, there will be an additional: 2-1 hour visits at your home for training and a 1-30 minute visit. Crate and potty training are also included in this package. (Pricing varies: Full overnight training would start at $3,000)

Beginner Training - Private 1 hr per day, 2 week program

9 total visits(8-1 hour visits plus 1- 30 min visit). Private training. Pet parents participate with pup after only a few days of the initial one-on-one sessions conducted. Socialization, walking on a leash, no biting, and basic commands (Ex: Come, Sit, Down) will start being taught. (At your home visits pricing starts at $2000)

Advanced Training- Private 1 hr per day, 2 week program

9 total visits(8-1 hour visits and 1- 30 min visit).The next steps after beginner training. Another set of Private sessions. Your pup will learn more commands and continue to learn socializing and etiquette (Ex: Drop it, Stay, Go get it/Fetch, Down/Off/No jump, No leash pulling). Comes after taking(or in addition to) the Great Dog Days beginners training program.(At your home pricing listed. Starts at $2500)

Dog walk/ Pet Drop in- Per Visit

Will feed, water, play with, walk, Etc for your pet. We will even bring in small packages or water plants, Etc.(30 minutes, $30)

Doggy Daycare- One day only

Includes: One on one care for your pet, No crating (unless requested), as many potty breaks as your pup may need, feeding to your pups needed schedule, play time, and a lot of love!!! ($85)

Pet Sitting/ Overnight- One Day/night only

Includes: Overnight One on one care for your pet, No crating (unless requested), as many potty breaks as your pup may need, feeding to your pups needed schedule, play time, and a lot of love!!! ($105)

Grooming- Bath, Brush, and Dry. Possible Nail option

Includes wash, brush, and dry. Nail trim available for additional $15(with dremel nail file), if applicable. (1 hr, $65)

Meet and Greet Appointment

You do not have to buy the service but you do have to be there for the meeting. (30 min, $30)

Pet Taxi

Cost is each way within a 3-mile radius of our dog daycare. Additional costs apply if outside the 3 mile radius. Vet appointments or other wait time at destination are then additionally charged as pet sits for each 30-minute block of time.($20)

Holiday Surcharge

A non-refundable surcharge that is applied per service to any service scheduled during holiday times. ($15 per service)

Holidays – Surrounding dates may apply depending on Holiday and where it falls on the calendar. Holidays are: New Years Day(Jan 1), Martin Luther King Day(Jan), Valentines(Feb 14), Presidents Day(Feb), St Patricks Day(March 17), Good Friday/Passover/Easter(April), Mothers Day (May), Memorial Day(May), Fathers Day(June), Independence Day(July 4), Labor Day(Sept), Rosh Hashanah(Sept), Yom Kippur(Oct), Columbus Day(Oct), Halloween(Oct 31), Veterans Day(Nov 11), Thanksgiving(Nov 26), Christmas(Dec 24-27), Hanukkah(Dec), New Years Eve(Dec 31).

Misc. Billing Fees

Late Payment Fee ($20), Returned Check Fee ($35)

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be received and confirmed by Great Dog Days within 24-hours of requested service otherwise full fees apply. If you were provided with great service, you may include the additional amount in your payment and we will pass the surplus along to your sitter with your compliments. This is not something that is expected or required. All prices are as is, unless personal pet plan is otherwise agreed on. This is a general Pricing guide. Reduced rates may be offered under discretion of Great Dog Days and are circumstantial. Any overtime for all services may be applied.