-Pet Sitting


-Day Care

-Transportation/Pet Taxi

-Walks/Drop in's

-Consulting/Prep and Education classes

Courses/Prep Class: Intro to pet life, Making the transition comfortable and ideal, How to choose a good fit for your lifestyle, How to find a good Breeder or Rescue facility, Bringing in few members to the family, Etc.

-Much more!

If what you are looking for is not listed or you may think is off the's probably not! Just let me know what you are looking for and need and I will let you know if I can provide and accommodate. If I personally can not, I will give you an honest and excellent referral to someone who can.

General Pricing can be seen under the Pricing Estimates page, Please contact me for more detail

(Situational discounts may be applied)

Fees may be applied in the case that something needs to be replaced, cleaned, fixed, purchases made specifically for your pet, etc.

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