It's your Dooty!

Don't be a "shitty" person

5/4/2018 2 min read

You know the people I am talking about…

It’s raining so they can’t stop to pick it up. It’s dark so they can’t see to pick it up. They are on their social media,texting, or gabbing on the phone and not paying attention to Fido taking a dump. They’re joggers so they can’t stop long enough to pick it up..Well guess what?!? I don’t have time to wipe your pups poo off of my shoe!

And later someone else comes along later, they see that nice fresh poop lying around with flies coming off of it and they start getting onto their homeowner’s association or their town council or who ever it can get dropped on, to start another campaign to limit dogs in public.

These complains start ALL because one jackass in 1000 dog owners is too lazy or too self-important to pick up the doggone poop. GEE THANKS!

I am not going to lie, there once was a “shitty situation” where my pup went to the bathroom more than once while out on a walk, and I happened to had just run out of bags from my dispenser from his first poo. Luckily, I know that there are usually dogpots around to go get a bag from, I could ask someone coming along, or I could go get a bag and circle back around to return to the crime scene and clean it up (You can find products on the “Get GREAT stuff” page). I usually always have a few spare baggies and thankfully if someone ends up in the position I was that once they ask to borrow a bag. However, when I see someone trying to sneak off (without picking up) and I can think about is stepping in a pile or drop of poo and dealing with all that hassle. I get disgusted and will ask quite innocently, “oh, you must be out of bags, here, I have an extra one”. 99% of the time they look all sheepish and start making excuses – while picking it up. Once in awhile,I will get a shocked look for calling them out, but if they are offended by me asking for them to pick up THEIR own dogs excrement, then they should see the shock of someone stepping in someone elses dog poo and having it get on their own clean personal property as well as the offensive smell that is now lingering in my nostrils. YUCK! Take some responsibility people! You wipe and  clean your bum and flush the toilet,right?!?! So give the same respect to others and clean up your pets poo! Thank goodness, I haven’t had to break out the Mace on these culprits yet. Citizens arrest…Can we start a program to hold trials that can fine these poo-pertrators?!?!

Now I’ve helped to reduce it from one in a thousand to one in ten thousand.  With your help, we can do that in every neighborhood. “Pick that up!” (only make it a bit nicer).  We won’t get it to zero because there are always a few people who really should be kept in a dog kennel themselves but one (pooless) step at a time.

If you’ve got your own tips for getting people to clean up in your neighborhood, please share by adding a comment!